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Hansan has me hooked- delicious food with more than decent portions, it’s become my go-to for a lunch out. Though I always swear to try something new, I love my order of shredded pork rolls and the pan friend steak with lemongrass on rice far too much to have branched out thus far!

Whatever kind of mood you're in - sad, happy, angry, or hangry (the worst) - you'll only feel much better once you're seated with a steaming bowl of fragrant pho at Hansan. To borrow from that cheesy series of books from the '90s, it's chicken pho for the soul. Choose any of the varieties of pho (rice noodles are better than egg noodles), load up your bowl with crunchy mung beans, your choice of condiments for level of spiciness, and dig in. Your life will seem a whole lot better afterwards. Just don't get chilli oil in your eye, because that ish burns.

Always good to come here and eat, food always taste good. The price is really affordable and the portion sizes are quite large for around $10.50.

Lately I've been really craving Vietnamese food, so I guess what better place to go then then famous Hansan. I ordered the lemon grass pork alongside egg noodles in hot soup. The lemon grass infused pork was incredibly flavorsome, however it was slightly chewy and a tad bit on the oily side but fat is flavour isn't it?! The egg noodles were cooked perfectly soaked in hot broth perfect for winter. The portions were great, definitely a filling meal.

Koreans seem to be populating this particular Vietnamese restaurant whenever I walk past here. Perhaps it's the close proximity to uni or maybe its the clean taste of the vermicelli? I decided to check Hansan out and tried the pan fried chicken with lemon grass on vermicelli. The chicken was juicy, tender and slightly sweet accompanied by the fragrant lemon grass it was great. Even though the vermicelli was slightly bland I would go back for the chicken.

Great food!

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