Where are YOU ready for change, right now? Does your business need to improve its bottom line? Or do you want to make a personal transformation?

We spin dreams with those who dare for more. Our specialist skill lies in blending a comprehensive range of powerful energy medicine techniques to help you achieve the change you desire. We back this up with wide experience, tangible passion and highly recommended services.

Happinessence is transforming lives, filling clients full of happiness and illuminating the universe, one smile at a time. Take the first step to change, call or e-mail us today.

Products and specialities

- Corporate change management
- Personal development
- Motivation and mentoring
- Habit breaking
- Life coaching
- Counselling
- Energy healing
- Karmic alignment


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Thank you Happinessence, I had a Tarot Reading with Sam and found her to be very intuitive, not only does she do one on one readings but group gatherings also.  Thank you again for coming to NZ. :-)

Happinessence worked for me when I was at my lowest point. Sam is very positive and knows heaps of tricks to get your mind in the right state to see the positive things in life again. Her energy and knowledge about the human emotional states is vast and can help you to overcome your struggles in life or for your self-improvement as a person.   For me it was hard to ask for help from a stranger, but after meeting Sam for the first time that feeling was quickly gone. She is a very warm person with whom you can easily feel at ease. If you don’t want to share some experiences that bother you then that’s ok as well, because she has plenty of techniques to treat your case without you pouring your heart out.   If you want to see the bright side of life again then I recommend Sam from Happinessence.

Happinessence is a wonderful service which has made a true difference in my life. Having gone through a period of major change and upheaval, I was left feeling lost, without focus or direction, and unsure of myself and my future. I have never been one to rely on others or to ask for help, preferring to ‘go it alone’ in the knowledge that things would ‘work themselves out eventually’. All this I was told by close friends and family, none of whom were here to actually help me through the tougher times. I felt like I was slowly sinking and could do with a little bit of extra assistance in gaining clarity and focus, so I asked Sam if she could provide some support to help me through. Her assistance was personal, without being intrusive. I felt at ease straight away, happy to divulge things that I hadn’t even been able to verbalise to myself.  Happinessence is all about you, your needs, wants and preferences. The only requirement is for you to be open-minded to a little reassurance. The exploratory session was therapeutic and made me feel lighter afterwards, as I had shed a lot of the baggage I had been harbouring for so long. I had never previously had any kind of therapy or alternative assistance, but I was open to the opportunity. After just three sessions, I can truly say I have noticed a difference. I feel more confident, like I have started to find myself again. One of my main anxieties was that, due to the major changes I had been through, I had lost control of myself, where I was going in life and what I wanted. Sam helped me to be less anxious about this, to find ways to feel more at ease with the new situation and to slowly feel more comfortable back in the driving seat. I am not so worried about the smaller things and I am more at ease with my abilities and limitations. I can break out of the routine with the self-assurance that the world won’t end, and I feel empowered to make new, confident decisions. I would recommend Sam at Happinessence to anyone who perhaps needs just a little bit extra, someone to talk to or help in finding the way, those in search of empowerment or needing to leave the past behind and move on. Sam can help bolster your confidence so that you look on the more positive aspects of life, which is perfect if you want to achieve a goal and learn to believe in yourself again. The energy techniques Sam uses are gentle and in harmony with what you are aiming to achieve, so our work together has been a pleasurable experience. It has also been quick, and therefore cost effective. I would definitely use Happinessence again should my circumstances determine it would be beneficial.

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