If you enjoy the entertainment of watching your delicious meal being prepared in front on a grill of you by a master chef, then come into Heizo. At the Teppanyaki table, your steak, chicken and seafood will be prepared in front of your eyes. We have some fantastic specials, as well as an a la carte menu. Bookings essential for parties of ten or more people.

Also open 12 midday to 2pm for lunch Monday to Friday.

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There is something about awesome food prepare on the hot plate right in front of you. Teppanyaki !!

We had best wagyu  in Auckland 

Went here for dinner and the sirloin steak, prawns and the green tea cheesecake is definitely a bonus! Will be coming here more often!

Chose this place out of three likely candidates in Newmarket. Had never been to any of them and this one sounded the nicest. It's a really cute little place. Not many seats. Dark and relatively intimate. The lunh menu is pretty simple. It's like a lunchbox - comes with miso, green salad and your choice of option. There's sashimi, sushi, beef, chicken and seafood. I asked if they could do a vegetarian option and the very nice waitress said they could do my a tofu steak - yum. She then came back and said the miso has fish sauce in it - would I still like it. This is really good service as a lot of places don't realise some vegetarians don't eat miso with fish. The lunchbox was really nicely done - came with brocolli, potato, onion and mega garlic flakes. On the side they serve a delicious ginger sauce, rather than soy. Nice change. The staff were really friendly and I'd definitely go back. I imagine the tepanyaki dinner is fun. Almost didn't want to load that image because it doesnt do the lunch justice. Believe me, it was much nicer than it looks.

We found this place by using Localist. It was a rainy day and we were soaked, the staff were über friendly and welcomed us in. The food was exceptional. Traditional teppanyaki. Would highly recommend and we will be back.

The place changed it’s name to Heizo and it’s located in this quiet street. The service was fantastic, the food superb and the staff very warm and friendly. The chef was also funny and accommodating. The price was reasonable, even cheap given the quality of food, service and ambiance. We’re coming back again to support this place.

We stumbled across this amazing little find! Awesome food, super friendly staff and we sat at the Chef's Teppanyaki table where he cooked right in front of us on the hot grill. If you like Japanese food, this is a must! Try the 'Sumo Banquet' - you wont be disappointed.

Comment by David S.
Good to hear. Nothing better on a bleak winter's day than to find a warm and friendly little local.

Don Don Rikka is one of our favourite Japanese dining haunts. A lot of people rave on about Renkon, but I prefer Don Don’s intimate interiors and their authentic Japanese touches. One of Don Don Rikka’s specialities is the unique Kamameshi. Literally it means kettle rice. Kamameshi is the art of cooking rice and a whole bunch of delicious ingredients (meat, seafood and vegetables) in a Japanese hot pot. The process takes about half an hour, but the result is rice that is infused with the flavour of land & sea.We often go for the set which includes two entrees and a mini kamameshi. Needless to say having so many dishes in addition to a decent rice meal set fills your stomach with ease. The service at Don Don can be a bit on and off. Sometimes extremely slow to the point of annoying. But with the cool interior and delicious food, it’s not a huge bother. Still recommended.