Masterton is one of the oldest inland towns in New Zealand. It has no natural lake nearby and for many years its citizens and politicians looked for ways to create some ‘ornamental waters’.

The first Masterton Park lake was formed in the early 1900s before the new one was finally filled in 1988 with over 1500 rainbow trout and a flood of unofficially released perch.

It's now a wetland with walkways and pathways throughout the park.

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We love visiting this lake, it has a great walking track right around the outside. There are lots of picnic tables, some friendly ducks and beautiful swans. Heaps of room for the kids to run around in too! Sometimes you will even see the minture boat club there with their remote control speed boats!

This is a great picnic spot, close to town so it's easy to pick up some food and walk to the lake. lay down a blanket or use one of the tables and enjoy the outdoors. Great for families and couples. After your picnic you can also take a stroll around the entire lake while watching the ducks swim.

This is an ideal, safe place for teaching young kids how to fish as well as having park amenities to enjoy. The man made lake has carp and rainbow trout. It’s also dog friendly and has a playground if not all the children are into fishing. Centrally located, you don’t have to drive far to get here.

Take a romantic stroll around Henley Lake at sunset and watch the swans, or take a picnic and chill out on the grass on a nice day. With paths winding around the lake and the wetlands, there’s plenty of spots to picnic at and enjoy nature in this picturesque setting.

This picturesque lake not far from the centre of Masterton is a great place to let kids run around and get some fresh air. There is a playground and plenty of walking tracks to go on and lots of swans and ducks to see. Bear in mind this is an off leash dog area so if your kids aren’t into dogs, stick to the play area.