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Forget about I Love Ugly’s five panel caps for a moment, these local lads have got racks of ritzy threads for Dads too. As we willingly wander into spring I can seriously guarantee Dad hasn’t thought once about freshening up his shirt or slack selection (it’s no fault of his, he’s just too busy!) Enter: your Fathers Day prezzy with help from I Love Ugly. Their shirt and pant designs in particular have become a whole lot more wearable for Dad’s now, more so than when the brand started out. Clean and simple design, beautifully made, super suitable for dressing up or down, with abundant accessories to match. Sure, I could have put Crane Brothers in this list instead, but really, I Love Ugly is around half the price (or less) with as much swag and credibility. Jump online and check their store locations, the perfect wardrobe item for Dad may be just around the corner.

Quirky & un-trendy. You won’t be accused of being a fashion lemming

These local designers have got it on lock when it comes to fulfilling a hipsters fashion sense

I Love Ugly has premium style for the suave modern man down! The eye of the designer here is super sharp, the details are always really considered. The prints they use are dope, especially love the trippy vibes of the mushroom one, and the embroidered grizzly bear pants and sweater for this season.

NZ designed, love their jackets and pants

Home of the popular Zespy and Ralph pants but I prefer to go for the relatively boring Jonty Chino Pants. A staple in my limited wardrobe.

and when all else fails - get a hat!

Menswear that says I'm a little adventurous and a little different, my kind of style!

Over the past three or four years I Love Ugly has become quite fashion force to be reckoned with. Every second ‘cool’ kid is rocking one of their five panel caps, they stock around the nation and their infamous Zespy bands even made it into an A$AP ROCKY video clip. Their shop is Mt Eden is what you’d expect from a world class brand. The fit out is sharp and the clothes falling somewhere between dapper gentleman and street. When I went in, the shop assistant was genuinely helpful and friendly. If you’re looking to pick something new up for your winter wardrobe the shop is well worth checking out.

A really stylish brand that all males can roack. These guys are so motivated and are ones to watch. Awesome store fitouts and nice staff that are really helpful. This brand is taking over the Auckland scene and will hit the fashion world with a massive BANG!!