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My Gucci watch got condensation in it, Jeff Honeybun dried it out for me at no cost until I could send it to the Gucci service centre for a new seal. I'm so appreciative - thank heaps. Jon

Wow, After my dress watch stopped working i tried to get it repaired at a booth stand but they said it needed a proper jewelery shop to fix it. We were advised to use Honeybun jewellers in Howick. At first i was dreading the cost because as soon as you enter a shop you can count out the notes but it was Very Very good value. I also got a watch strap for another of our watches which they dont make here in NZ, a battery replaced in another watch ( Ok so husband loves watches!) and i still got change. The Jeweller certianly knew his stuff and was happy to help. It was fast service from a family business which we seem to be lacking with all the chain jewellers popping up. A real gem of a shop. The jewellery in the shop was beautiful and the shop was passion rather than a career.