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I have a 2007 Nissan Skyline G36 and I have rhe SP version of the 350GT and qell that made things interesting and Well I have to tqke my hat of to them wven though thwy quoted for rhe standard model repairs they had to buy some extra bits as there significantly higher spec and they did and didn't increase the bill. I am now happy to aay that it runs even better than it did whenI brought it 5 years ago they replaced the Timing chains 3 tensioners water pump thermostat plugs belt and told me not ro worrie as they would only use the correct synthetic for the car and Wow it is a Friggin Incredible job no engine noise at all It is Freakish. Could KA Motors di something that is get it out by 1 link over start again. Yes and they Bloody Nailed IT. If you gerring the run around and no ansqwrs with the trixky stuff. Salman is your Man. I couldn't be more Impressed. THANKS for the Outstanding job with my Z3 project!

Very bad service they stole out of my car!!!!

very bad services of this company from the boss and staff . I change the belt last year .. then my car more problem .I came back the shop . boss said to me the new satff did the job and install not right .. help me to fix again . .. my car want to pass the wof this year .they charge me 600 dollars . when i pick up my car at the same day .. my car's yellow light on when I was drive my car on the motoway did not show before since i bought my car two years.. I thought maybe when they fix my car and touch something cause the problem . Icame to the shop and just want to leave my car and help me to check why ... but their staff did not check anything then sais to my not ther problem . do not leave the car to check . they do not have time !!!!!! they only can help me reset bababab .but do not want to spend time to check the problem . the staff want to fight with me .joking the service . Inevery back to this shop any more for their bad service and staff .. i just want to leave my car to check again .. is it something worng ????

Not sure about these other negative reviews as we have been regular customers of this workshop with 3 of our cars now for a few years and they always do a great job.I have found they are thorough and pleasant to deal with. I have always had immediate service when driving in first thing in the morning. If there have been any problems to fix,it has been fully explained and shown to me for me to make the decision according to my budget at the time. The repair options are no problem and I have given a curtesy car a couple of times.They also sell second hand hand tyres for a good price when you need one quickly.Just went in today for another engine service on a car and it was done while I waited. The staff are pleasant and Wayne the owner is very efficient and organizes things quickly to complete what you are requesting. This workshop is a hive of busy bees,and they do the job well.There is always Happy the dog British bull dog to watch while waiting,shes so cute and hilarious. Thanks Ka Motors for another great experience.A++++

These ARE THE WORST, MOST INCOMPETENT people I've ever dealt with. They charged $800 to fix my bumper and boot door after someone rammed the back of my car. After having the car for 2 days they called and said it's fixed, panels are back in shape, new paint is dry. I was driving home from picking up car and noticed the dash board open door icon was on. Went out back to close the boot again. Wouldn't close. They put the bumper on way too high and the door was slamming into it and unable to actually shut properly. I turned around and showed then and asked them to please fix this, and the paint which was already ruined from them not aligning the bumper. The next day I went back and picked it up again, only to find they had done ANOTHER **** job! They did the bare minimum, slightly lowered it, just enough that slamming it (not easily closing it how it used to), slamming it was the only way to close it. They were rude and inpatient, as if it wasn't my place to ask them to do their job properly and fix the car, what they were paid for! Because of their hostile stance, and because apparently it wasn't my place to ask them to fix it again, (not to mention they're meant to be the "experts" and they said the second time it was definitely fixed so go away now), we left the issue there and thought fine we'll just slam the boot from now on and ignore the freshly ruined paint job. 1 year on, we've changed the back indicators 5 times, and had the worst damp smells in the car. I took it to a different panel beater, and they said our car was all rusted inside the boot, the boot and lights were never water sealed after Ka Motors "fixed" it, the panels that were meant to be fixed on the cars underside were still fully bent in, and the bumper was still incredibly unaligned. I can't believe how sloppy Ka Motors work was, it has caused me to need to pay for the same panel damage to be fixed again, and pay for another paint job, another seal against water, and now new rust which had developed because of them not sealing my car the first time. KA MOTORS ARE THE WORST!

I took mt car to KA motors to Get a warrant ,I was given a list as to what was needed to sort the car out After spending some $2500 At HELL BMW .I took the car firstly for a per warrant inspection .This was completed By VTNZ .They told me there was only one fault which I got fixed .So I took the car back to KA Motors to get the warrant only to be told No .this was because i did not replace rubber bushes .The problem is I did replace the bushes and they were bought from BMW NZ This was late yesterday afternoon .This morning I took the car to VTNZ and they passed the car for a warrant .I spoke to the owner about the issue he said nothing was wrong with what they did and i should have got them to fix the issues .My words back to him was I am never going to come back to the company for any type of work needed as they DONT HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THERE DOING and they treat people like ****

I would like to say that these mechanics are the best i have ever been too, no mucking around, honest and straight up guys who tell you only what you need to know. After visiting a few other mechanics i will never go to another one again. Thanks again guys

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