Kaitaia Fire Ltd. was established in 1989 on an organic 5 acre farm at Lake Ohia in New Zealand's Winterless Far North. From those humble beginnings, we now export sauce all around the world, and produce a range of organic "hot" products for the domestic market. ur sauces have won many food awards in both New Zealand, and the United States.


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The Waha Wera sauce (literally mouth hot!) is a beautiful blend of habanero and kiwifruit. It is sweet and hot at the same time and goes really well on cheesy potatoes (or anything with melted cheese)!! One of my faves and available in most supermarkets!

I use Kaitaia Fire's original chilli sauce in just about everything you could think of - anything you want to add a bit of kick to, anything you would normally use fresh chillies for, anything you would normally put Tabasco sauce in. It is delicious. Just the right amount of heat balanced with a subtle sweetness. Just whatever you do - don't get it in your eyes.