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This team were fantastic. I used them for two pregnacies after being treated poorly by my first midwife, just felt unimportant! Here i had Tracy and she was AMAZING! she took over my care for my first pregnancy when i was about 30 weeks and she got to know me and my pregnancy really quickly. It was a huge relief and made me felt so much more at ease!  I went back to Tracy and Kate Sheppard the second time round and i had a lot of complications and was transferred to the city under a specialist but i felt at ease and well cared for the whole time such an amazing supportive experience! Thank you so much for making such a stressful time so relaxing

Contacted a few midwives with my first child and all wanted me to fit round them.  Called Kate sheppard and they were great, realistic, supportive straight to the point, took no chances.  At all times felt like I was in good hands.  Had a terrible time at hospital after the birth of my first baby and my midwife was excellent.  Went back again second time around and soo glad we did.  Reflux baby, plunket useless, very grateful to Kate Sheppard to getting us through.  Highly recomend.

Comment by Chloe
they are great! I found the same thing! so supportive.
Comment by B & T D.
I too find them great. I am with them currently and find my MW so great. So supportive and answers all my questions no matter what. I have also recommended them to a few other ladies I know and they too have taken them up as their MWs

I've registered with Kate Sheppard Midwifery for my current (and first) pregnancy. My Midwife is great. So easy to talk to and get a long with. My partner comes along to the appointments when I have them to and she answers all his questions and tells him what Im going through etc. I love going there in between my scans or if its been a while since a scan and will be a while before my next one as I still get to hear bubs heartbeat and honestly its the best sound to hear. Even if it does sound like a horse galloping along Looking forward to the next few months and getting to know my midwife better as well. Thanks so much ladies

Comment by Mudu T.
Gorgeous rate Terri! Congrats and good luck with the pregnancy!!

Do you think people are really into you? No-one gets into you as much in life as your dentist...or your midwife. I registered with Kate Sheppard Midwifery in Albany for the pregnancy care and delivery of my second child. It all happened sooner than expected when my waters broke at the hairsalon. Sadly, after months of visiting my midwife, I wasn't to have her deliver my baby. She was rostered on leave on my due date. So, I had her back-up rostered on. Only for her to end up in delivery suite for another patient. Then I had a third midwife whom I had never met - and, coincidentally - her name was the same as my daughter's. It felt like fate. I instantly clicked with her and had the best birth experience. All 45 minutes of it. My original midwife has been visiting me at home for follow-up and has been great. It's really nice to know that they have a team of trained professionals so that you are in good hands, no matter who you get on your baby's birth date.