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Japanese Restaurant, BYO Sunday, Licensed Bar, Tatumi Seating


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Authentic kai and ambience make this a great place for a taste of Japan. Plus you can never go wrong with a Chu-Hi mmmm Lychee!!!

Irashaimase! Is what the workers here yell as you enter the restaurant, it means ‘welcome’ and is heard everywhere in Japan. Once inside you can choose to sit at the traditional low tables, at the bar or at a table with chairs. The menu is full of a mixture of traditional and made-for-locals dishes. A few of my faves are - the agedashi tofu, which is deep fried tofu served in a light broth. The sashimi and avocado salad which has an incredible dressing And the spicy crab which the waiter agreed was delicious if not very traditional. I would say this was the most authentic of Japanese restaurants with their variety dishes and their Japanese speaking staff. They also have a great selection of Japanese drinks!

Having been on a few (read: many) awkward dates, which largely consist of sitting opposite one another discussing banalities such as the decor of the restaurant whilst the waiter silently cringes on your behalf, I firmly believe it is time to bring fun back to dating! And taking your flame to Kazu on Tory Street would be a good start. This Japanese offers tempura, sushi and sashimi, all from the comfort of the floor! Tatami mats are available, which add eccentricity and fun to the meal.

I got the agedashi tofu and salmon sashimi, both of which were delicious and came relatively quickly. The staff were attentive and friendly. Lots of warmth and wood in this restaurant.

Soooooo good!! The wasabi dressing is JUST right!

Authentic, yummy, fresh Japanese food

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