Kidz Unlimited Learning Centre is a small family owned and operated centre. You could think of it as 'a home away from home'.

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Licensed learning centre for 34 children, a large outdoor area, covered sandit, long term staff. We provide a spacious sleep room for the under 2's and a opportunity for the over 2's to extend their imagination with loads of resources.


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My two year old has been going to Kidz Unlimited for the past year and totally loves it, even though it has been hard to leave him everyday, he is always safe and happy as over this year the teachers have gained my trust as they are awesome with him plus as soon as he gets there, they always entertain him so that it makes my mornings easy and tear-less! He’s learnt so much and speaks so clearly now too :)

I love this place!!! I went back to work after my babies were 8 months old, and Kidz Unlimited have made the whole process so easy for me. On their first day, I dropped them off, and I have to say there were tears - BUT only from me! The support, advise, and the moments they share with you on your child's day make the transition back to work so easy.  My babies have been at Kidz Unlimited just under a year and we have seen thier confidence and personalities grow, and I feel like everyone there is sharing in the joy of seeing out little ones grow.  I remember after the Xmas holidays my 2 children had their arms up in the air wanting to get cuddles from their teachers. That, for me, is more than words can describe. They felt at home and  comfortable and because everyone at Kidz Unlimited are so amazing it allows me to feel comfortable too!

Kidz Unlimited is fabulous! There is such a family feeling when you walk in to the clean bright environment, the yummy smells coming from the kitchen, kids in dress ups, smiley happy wee faces. Karen, Angela and the girls are all part of our family now. Thank you for caring for our wee ones and making their days at KU full of fun.

We love Kids Unlimited, great friendly interactive staff, exceptionally clean!, best Artwork ideas used with the children I have seen in a daycare. Great communication between staff and parents

Kids unlimited centre has been the best thing for our daughter.. For those mothers returning to the workforce let those worries of a first time parent putting a child into daycare hound you no more. There is no better place guaranteed. Friendly, caring, committed staff and management. Great family environment and a happy child at the end of your working day. What more can you ask for. Happy child happy mother and father..  

My two children attend Kidz Unlimited and I love the care and learning they receive. My son is 3.5 and been at K.U since he was 10 months and I have always felt very safe and happy leaving him in the care with the wonderful staff. 

Kidz Unlimited is not just a learning centre it’s an extended part of our family. We have been part of the KU family for some time, my 3 nephews have all attended the oldest now being 8 and my 2 girls with my youngest daughter loving her time in the under twos. We always feel confident to know that our girls are/were in safe hands, and will be given the same love, cuddles and guidance that we would show them. We love to see the arts & crafts, photos and hear the stories that come at the end of each day when we pick them up. The teachers are wonderful and work with the parents to make sure that life at the centre is very much the same structure as home, especially with a little baby and working fulltime, it puts me to ease to know that they are in the same routine day after day Our oldest daughter is at her 1st year of school and I believe without the guidance, knowledge, skills and support she was given at the centre she would have found the transition into school so much harder, but instead she has made the transition easily, and find the school work to be an extended level of what she was taught at KU. When our oldest daughter found out one of the teachers from the centre was leaving she cried, now not being at the centre anymore I believe that is a true testament to the teachers and the special bond that they have formed and imprinted on our children. When the day comes and our little one turns 5 I think will be a very sad moment that the years of Kidz Unlimited will be over. I would truly recommend the centre to anyone that wants to be part of a family, be reassured that your children are being well cared for, that there is so much fun and laughter in each day, and that when they turned 4 they spend the time getting your child ready for school. So it’s not a scary and taunting time. KU - You rock!

It has been great watching our little boy grow in confidence at Kidz Unlimited Learning Centre. I think he was still 2 when he started and he'll be heading off to school soon. Yes, at the start it was hard to leave him sometimes ... but now it's hard to drag him away :) The stable and caring staff have always encouraged his social skills and there's always lots going on. It's just on a good, safe scale for little ones - not too many kids there and like a family home in terms of the amount of space. The kids have also been pretty stable too which is a really good thing and shows they are doing a great job. There is the inevitable turn around but really, things have been pretty consistent. What's he learnt there? How to interact with lots of different adults and kids, lots of creative play, dressing up, water play, sand, paint ... and having fun. And there have been some pretty amazing Christmas parties... He's always happy at the end of the day and what's more - so are the other kids. KU Learning Centre is a happy place.

As a solo mum the support, guidance, and daily encouragement the staff provide is awesome. They make it easy to be at work knowing they go the extra mile with care and love for all the children, the children are always happy and laughing. I'm really not looking forward to the boys turning five! The younger is 6 months! :-)

Going back to work and leaving your precious babies with someone else is daunting to say the least! Leaving them with people who are qualified, experienced and genuinely care about your children makes it that little bit easier. I have known the team at Kidz Unlimited for 6 and a half years now. They looked after both my boys when they were babies and now my youngest is in their school transition group. They offer many things that you dont get at other centres, they keep you informed with what your children are doing and really help relieve some of that working mother guilt that goes with the territory. My 10 month old on his first day made cookies! Now thats something I wouldnt even attempt at home....they provide you the photos to prove it and a beautiful Developmental and Art Portfolio so you have the memorys for a life. I recommend this place 100% - Kidz Unlimited rock!