La Voie Francaise (meaning the French Way) is a new French bakery that has opened in Mt. Roskill. This store offers a fabulous range of breads and pastries have been lovingly hand-crafted using the best and only natural ingredients (no chemicals or additives).

For $3.50, the perfectly textured baguettes are incredible value and the highlight of the store. These baguettes can go stale overnight - though typically everyone in the household will have made crumbs of it before the day is over.


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Love everything about La Voie Francaise

Well when I moved here I didn't realise I was lucky enough to be close to such a great french bakery. Definitely the best baguette I have had in NZ, good croissants and the coffee isn't bad either. I am planning to work my way through the sweet pastries.

This place is an absolute treat. The food is delicious and perfectly French. It’s great to see into the kitchen at the back to see everyone making the breads and even better getting to eat the goods that they produce! I usually pop around and get a croissant and a French stick. If you go early in the morning the bread will be fresh & still warm. The staff and friendly and there is plenty of parking on Dominion Road

What more can I say really? So happy to have this bakery close by. Must try for yourself!

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