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Love Les Mills Britomart! Great staff, great facilities, and the classes are world class. I've gone back to the body I had at university, soooo happy.

Les Mills would have to be my favourite gym of all time. I absolutely love all of their classes, the equipment is always new and in mint condition, the instructors are energetic and motivating, and now the Britomart location is 24 hours. Some people complain about the "posers" at Les Mills - you know, the people who go to the gym to be seen rather than to work out? But I say just ignore them - the gym itself (classes especially) are worth it.

I absolutely love the Les Mills classes. I almost never do my own workouts anymore, because I get bored so easily and find it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym and run on a treadmill for an hour staring at the wall. The instructors at Les Mills are all super fit and energetic and it’s hard not to get pumped up in the classes. There’s great music, lots of people and so many different classes to choose from! My personal favourites are Body Attack and Body Pump, but they’re honestly all great.

Love the classes.. from Body Jam to Body Balance!

Favourite gym to work out with friends. The machines and classes they have are truly awesome. It motivates you to keep going back for more.

Good spot for an after work work out! Great machines and atmosphere. 

Les mills is a great gym with really good facilities and amazing classes! I love finishing a workout and having a sauna. They have great changing rooms with lots of showers, ironing boards and hair dryers and ghd’s. love the people that work here too!

Great service, so many group fitness classes!

Ok, I'm not a gym bunny. Hitting the milestones you used to think were only reserved for  the Betty Whites of this world, you'd think would definitely deter this said unbunny not to venture forth into the mod con gym jungle that is Britomart Les Mills. But even as I creak out of the changing room and clamber onto the machines, I'm actually finding myself enjoying reentering the gym world. Staff are helpful and friendly, and even as one of the older folk there, I don't feel out of place. The classes are good fun although you may have a reminder or two after the first couple of days. Les Mills Britomart is handy to work, one of the reasons I decided to join, and also good as a jogging base. Ultra modern and ultra fun.