Passionate about food and passionate about all beings, including animals. We are about more then serving food.

Specialising in Vegan Food and Organic Juice.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Relaxed atmosphere
Noise level Serene
Licence Alcohol free
Food Options Organic food, Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal Food

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vegan meals, restaurant, cafe


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Vegan chinese food, super lovely staff.

Part of an international chain of vegan restaurants, Loving Hut is very reasonably priced and serves all vegan fare. The restaurant is family-owned and operated and offers great service. They’ve also got top-notch coffee (or so I’m told - I don’t drink coffee myself) and desserts.

I was there with 4  friends and while we liked the different varieties of vegan meals they offer, we all agreed that the taste was rather average - especially for that price. 

Great food, great atmosphere, great staff. I convinced some of my friends who aren't vegetarian to give it a go and they thanked me later. The food is impecable as is the service. I will definitely be going again soon.

Once upon a time there was Golden Age, now they have become Loving Hut, but with no deterioration of awesome! I love this place, I go there as often as I can. This place has the most amazing vegan EVERYTHING! I especially love their crispy chicken dish as its just to die for. ANd then later I can have some wonderful dairy-free icecream or cheesecake and not worry about feeling groggy later. The chef is so friendly, and never hesitates to have a quick chat or offer you something he just cooked up which isn't on the menu. The staff always offer service with a smile, and are happy to direct you towards the tastier options. I love the  AMOUNT of options available here: a bit of everything. Well, that is if you like chinese! My favorite dish has sadly been taken off the menu: duck noodle soup. But thats OK, because they have all the other tasties still on offer!

Golden Age proves you don't have to have meat to create tasty dishes! They have a mind boggling array of dishes available to try and the owner often has one or two dishes he's working on that you might be able to sample before they're rolled out to the public. The food makes good use of meat alternatives, mainly soy and Tofu. The staff are happy to advise on dishes according to your preference and the pictorial menus ensure you know what to expect before it's served. Serving sizes are generous and we often doggy bag the leftovers for lunch. Stop in for a karma friendly lunch or dinner, you'll be glad you gave them a try!

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