We're a New Zealand company who create innovative DIY food and beverage kits. Our kits contain all the tools, ingredients and recipes to make an array of cheeses, preserves and cider at home - and it's easy! Mad Millie kits you not only allow you to have a lot of fun in making your own food, but also give you full control of what goes into it. With Mad Millie you will be sure to create something you can be proud to share with friends and family. Everyone in the Mad Millie team is passionate about slow food. Food made from scratch, made by hand and more importantly we love to know what is in our food! So as DIYers ourselves we keep that in mind while developing our kits. We want to make the food making process easy (and tasty!) for our customers. We have new and exciting products being developed as we speak! So don't forget to keep in contact with us through Facebook, Twitter or this website to see what's happening.


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Love making fresh cheese at home - and the kits are so prettily put together too!

It is great to give people the opportunity to make there own cheese. Also to be creative.

Once you have made your own cheese, you will be a convert (like myself), and never buy supermarket cheese again.

These cheeses are probably the most popular cheeses to buy nowadays. This kit is best suited for an intermediate to advanced cheese maker

Preserving is an age-old art form. Bring it in to 2013 and get full equipped with all the bells and whistles 

Cider is the new black, when it comes to alcohol choices. Make you own at home and show it off  to your friends who enjoy a crisp cider also.

Comment by Marly S.
Wow! this cider is sooo delicious. YUM

This is a awesome gift for the serious cheese lover in your life.  Besides the fun of actually creating your own cheese, this kit is actually great value, it allows you to make 10 hard blocks of cheese in this one kit.  

This kit is perfect for the beginner cheese maker, you'll make Feta, Halloumi, Cream Cheese, Cottage Cheese and Quark....YUM 

Comment by Marly S.
My personal favourite: The halloumi... the way to my heart!

For you pizza, pasta , salads or even your desserts- this kit will teach you the skills to make your very own  mozzarella,  ricotta and mascarpone.