Cafe and Restaurant. Live Music and Catering Available. Winners of the top 10 Metro best coffee in Auckland selection, we have our new Spring menu and Summer evening dining Thursday through Saturday.


Price Range Lavish
Ambience Relaxed atmosphere
Accepts credit cards Yes
Noise level Serene
Licence Alcohol free

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good cafe

Situated in the heart of Westmere with plenty of parking, this is the place I go to get egged. Their scrambled dish is tried and tested by me many times over and never, ever disappoints. And the breakfast burrito is a good tummy-filler if you need sustenance. The coffee is always strong too.

Consistently good coffee, with a friendly atmosphere

Consistently good coffee with a great friendly atmosphere 

I love Mexican food, and while the tacos at Meola Kitchen aren't strictly Mexican in style, they are super, super tasty. Tried them for the first time today and the fish was cooked perfectly - there's also some sort of sauce on em that'll make your eyes roll back with satisfaction. I can't wait to try the Huevos Rancheros, and tortilla soup! Meola also serve more traditional Kiwi cafe fare, including great coffee - this might be my new favourite place!

Stopped by on the way home today, such a great coffee very well made and a nice little place to sit in too

Meola Kitchen is a busy, buzzy local Westmere cafe. It does all the usual staples very well, but does a bunch of other stuff besides to keep it interesting. It’s popular, and has a great setting for sitting outside and watching the world go by.

Pro: opening hours Con: flair  Coffee was nice and so is the food. The breakfast dishes were definitely better than the pastry which I had last time with a coffee. I didn't like the fact that they gave me my juice in a plastic cup - just produces unnecessary rubbish. It's a very nice cafe but definitely can't compete with the Garnet Station down the road which has much more flair, different sitting opportunities, and organic food. The best about Meola Kitchen are the opening hours - finally a cafe which is open till 5pm, 7 days a week, when other cafes in Herne Bay (Rabbit Hole, Zus & Zo) already close at 3pm.

The coffee is passable. The breakfast dishes are pretty good, but nothing about them stands out. They have a caesar salad that is quite good. I've been here a few times mostly because it's across the street from one of the best butchers in Auckland.

I had a breakfast burrito and it was good, they even gave me my own bottle of hot sauce to use.  Unfortunately they forgot our coffees. We had to ask for them, after seeing people who arrived after us getting coffees delivered. Coffees finally turned up but by then we'd finished eating and had to rush through them to get to somewhere else. No apologies even though it was clear they had forgotten. 

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