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Sports massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, foot scrubs, facial massage, relaxation massage, chiropractic care and those amazing migun spinal decompression systems.


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This is also another of Migun's best clinics. we initially went here to see Dion, the chiro who frequents there on monday. He is extremely learned and talented and cured my wife's back problem. then Nathan, the guy at migun gave us one complimentary session. We felt so much better that we got the one day deals that came AND THEN bought the 10 trip passes. Those do not expire and can be used at any time. It's great as a gift too for someone. highly recommended to all.

I first went to Migun and lay down on one of the bed then honestly wondered why I had paid good money to be poked in the back. That was the first 3 minutes, after that, it became relaxing and drowsy, the machine heated the back and then soothed it. My only complaint would be that the bed is not made for taller people (6'6 - 6'7) but as long as you position yourself right, its an amazing experience. 

Pro: relaxing  Con: not individually adjusted  A machine can never be as good as a human being but I still found it very relaxing. Staff was also super nice. The machine doesn't adjust for different sized bodies though, which makes me wonder...

I had my first Migun massage yesterday and my back feels so good today. Thank you to the team at Migun Ponsonby who were friendly and very professional. Seriously try it for yourself! 

I love me a migun session. Reasonably priced too, I bought a bunch of sessions and have to sy that it's a helluvah lot cheaper than seeing a masseuse and I'm spending less at the chiropractor. Would be great if there was a Mount Eden branch. Just putting it out there. You never know,,,,

These guys know how to massage the relaxation into you!! I've been here twice and both times it was heavenly. The massage bed you lie on massages the whole spinal cord and neck, hips etc! I went here when I was pregnant and reflexology is really good for pregnant women, specially with all that back ache and body aches and pains, but I only went after i hit the 12 week / 3 month mark :) Enjoy

OMG. I just had a massage there for the first time. Wonderful and great value.

The beds are wonderful as they gently stretch and massage your back, neck and legs. Also the best value hands on massage in town, so reasonable 

Comment by Nated816
Thanks a lot for your support David. We love having you every week.

Have been coming here in conjunction with my chiropractor and have seen a world of improvement. Really impressed and look forward to each visit. I guess it's the ultimate massage for people who are naturally adverse to the idea of masseurs!

Comment by Nated816
Thanks for taking a few moments out to leave your comments Stig, we really appreciate it! Just so you know we DO hands on massage and have a chiropractor as well as the Migun beds. We've worked hard to offer as many services that we can so people don't have to go to multiple locations to get what they need:D See you soon!

I went to Migun to try out their massage beds.  I have tried a few other pieces of massage equipment (chairs etc) and always been disappointed.  They just do exactly the same thing over and over. The Migun massage beds were different.  They continually massaged and created movement in different ways throughout the session.  The time passed quickly and I really enjoyed the massage. I have since been back many times and have always felt better afterwards. I would recommend anyone considering this to give it a go.

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