It was in 1983 that Wendy Muir first opened the doors of Milly's of Ponsonby, and since that time the store has become known as a heaven for passionate cooks and bakers.

Anything and everything related to cooking, baking and homewares can be found here, with friendly knowledgeable staff to help you find what you need and dispense advice.


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I could spend hours in this store. I love kitchenware and Milly’s has it all. You’ll find yourself leaving with things you didn’t even realize you needed (but now that you’ve seen them, you don’t know how you’ve possibly gone this long in life without!) One of my favourite purchases is my banana protector. I run to and from work and my banana used to always get all squished and bruised in my backpack. Banana protector – genius! They’ve got great cookbooks and seasonal items as well (check out the Halloween display right now!)

Do you have a friend who’s obsessed with My Kitchen Rules? Is it their birthday coming up and you have no idea what to get them? Look no further than Millys. Perfect for the wannabe chef in your life or perhaps the next hottest home baker, everything they will need to keep their dreams alive you will be able to find here. Check out their awesome range of cake decorating tools, if in doubt the little fiddly accessories always make for good presents.

Milly’s on Ponsonby Road is heaven for lovers of home baking and lovers of eating home baking alike, and stock some of the world’s most illustrious culinary brands. They have the city’s best selection of cute and quirky cake and cookie tins and decorating tools as well as mixing and prep bowls preferred by the masters. Saturday always sees live cooking and baking demos taking place too, so bring an empty tummy!

Friendly and helpfull staff, good quality products. Great for banking goods.

Come in to browse and you'll leave buying something really cool for your kitchen or your tummy !!  I LOVE Milly's Kitchen !  What an awesome place  - it is THE place to come for all your Kitchen needs !  The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about all things to do with the kitchen.  LOVE the cool utensils and bits & bobs that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Love the ingredients that you source in for your shop.  What an awesome place !  Especially love the cake decorating stuff you have - so much fun !  Will be back here again really soon !

This is one of my favourite kitchen stores to visit, they carry a great range of items, some affordable, and some you may need to save up for! They especially have a very good range of cake and cupcake decorating items, which I found to be cheaper than Spotlight. It's a very cute store, with great displays, it's difficult to leave without purchasing something for the kitchen.

Millys Ponsonby has so many exciting things, before any party i plan i always have a look at Millys to see what items i can use to decorate the cakes and make my cupcakes. There are so many different tools and bright colours. The staff at Millys are kind and helpful, there are top quality products that you can not find any where else.

I'm one of those foodies who has so much kitchen equipment that I just don't need anything else. When I walk into Millys, I look around and think, "I have that, I have that, too, oh, and I have a couple of those." But serious cooks always need something else, right? Millys is the shop for people who love the artistry and variety of serious cooking supplies. They have everything from pots and pans to knives and juicers. They have cookbooks, aprons, olive oils, and flatware. If your kitchen is not complete, head off to Millys. If it is complete, head off to Millys anyway...we can all use another knife in case the ones we have magically disappear. Right? The staff is helpful, the prices are often high, but the selection is extraordinary for such a relatively small shop.

Bought our ice cream maker from here and it's a dream! Milly's in great for anything related to cooking and baking. I'm off there tomorrow for a citrus juicer!

Friendly and helpfull staff, good quality products.