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Years ago I used to take my trusty VW Golf to Continental Car Services. Thinking that since that was where I bought my car, they'd be the guys to trust. Each time I went there, I was often slammed with bills ranging $500 to $1000. They always manage to find some "weird" problem that plauged my silver Golf. Feeling kinda ripped off, I decided to take my car down to a shabby looking mechanics place on the backstreets of Newmarket called Morrow VW Services. The mechanic was a jolly old guy called Vic, who apparently has been doing this for over 15 years. He was incredibly friendly and handled everything himself. Took my car in 7am in the morning and it was ready to pick-up the very next day. He whipped my car into great shape, charged only a few hundred dollars for the essential parts and labour. And I've never stopped going back. In the last couple of years I've never had an outrageous bill and sometimes he even replaces my lights for free. God bless Vic and his team at Morrow VW Services. A good mechanic is worth their weight in gold. Vic, you're a mechanic with a heart of gold!