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Friendly staff, easy booking experience.

Super simple booking experience with these guys. Wasn't able to get the vehicle I was after due to availability, but they found an even better package!

Comment by Kylie B.
Great recommendation for Motorhome Republic about booking a camper van online.

Easy booking system, great customer service. Will definitely book with these guys again!!

Comment by Kylie B.
Great recommendation Helley.

We booked a campervan just last week and I got the cheapest deal compare to other providers. Their phone staff are also very accommodating and gave me the right vehicle for my family trip. I would love to book from Motorhome Republic again. Cheers!

Affordable campervan hire in NZ. They offer the best deals.

One of the best holidays I've ever had in New Zealand consisted of renting a campervan from Christchurch Airport and heading into the wilds of the Southern Alps for a ski holiday. The cool thing about renting a motorhome for a road trip in the South Island is that there are so many amazing places to free camp and when you're in a campervan, it's all about conveinently experiencing the great outdoors in comfort and style. I still have so many fond memories of pulling up in the most remote, snowy places and snoozing away the night in a comfy campervan. Bliss!