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good work

Meeting Matt at Union St Apartments to look at new work to wire & fit out a new management office next door at the new SugarTree Apartments.

Josh working on an overhead LED message sign above the Southern motorway. Nice view!!!

The Electrical team upgrading highbay lighting in an Auckland retail shop to ‘Induction’ High Bays for better cost & maintenance efficiency.

If you don’t like your obtrusive Main Electrical earth peg on the side of your house or building we can convert it to a growing flush version like this. Give us a call.

Matt completing a two story house rewire in Panmure, ready for our Electrical Inspector & reconnection.

Matt’s new van out of the signwriters & ready for racks & handover. Michael’s should be done by the end of the week. The upgrade of our 8 x present Tradesman’s Electrical & Plumbing vans to new with new-style signwriting will be 1/2 way there by the end of the week!!! — at Mr.Walker Electrical & Plumbing.

Nice work Josh & Matt on a Dairy Flat client’s property for a new pool, spa & implement shed power supply installation.

A great option to tidy all your av / tv / video / HDMI / data / phone leads up coming out through walls for your tv, stereo & sky installations. Give us a call & one if our Registered Electricians can sort your lounge, home theatre or office wiring.

With the change of seasons it’s a good time to change those smoke detector batteries or install new ones. Plus check any outside wall electrical switches or power points for ant invasions before they short out the wiring! See this photo of a clients dimmer light switch that started flashing off & on at 4am one morning!!! Talk to us about arranging one of our electricians to pop over.