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New Gum Sarn is an Asian supermarket with everything you could possibly need from fresh fruit and vegetables, spices, dried mushrooms, sauces, condiments to mortar and pestels - and they are those excellent heavy stones ones at very good prices.

  Another regular haunt for me is the Mercury Lane foodcourt - New Gum Sarn. Despite it being visibly grubby the food is excellent. Ruang Thong does tasty, cheap Thai dishes with the hot basil vegetarian being a standout for me. Koreaunts has an equally loyal following for they're excellent Korean staples such as bibimbap and the dumplings. The Chinese Cuisine stall in the top corner is another stalwart with classic dishes such as barbecue pork and duck and Japanese Cuisine turns out a great dinner box. There is also Malaysian, Thai Issan and Mexican to choose from and the supermarket has a large range of beverages to compliment your chosen meal.

I go to New Gum Sarn for their household bits and bobs. Fantastic for sturdy meat hooks for hanging my plants, I love the bamboo brooms and they have wonderful mortar and pestles. They also sell bulk paper bags and noodle containers which is surprisingly handy.