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My son has been here for 6 months and loves going every single day! There is always something new to experience and the variety of  toys / activities that they create for the children is amazing. The teachers are the best, and you feel like you around friends. My son has lots of food intolerances which i let them now about and straight away it was no issue, they came up with menus for him and accomdated for everything. I cannot say enough good things about new shoots!! 

After searching nearly every daycare on the shore we started my daughter at New Shoots and have not looked back.  Both my children have now gone through the nursery and they were fantastic. I really didn't want to go back to work but the staff in the nursery made it as easy as possible for me.  Both my children have loved their time there.  They are cared for, encouraged, inspired and the staff are so friendly, flexible and professional. I have now moved my kids to a daycare closer to me for the toddler rooms but if I were to have number 3 we would definately be heading back to the new shoots nursery :-)

My daughters both go to the Albany New Shoots and I am so lucky to have found such an amazing centre! My children are so well loved and loving being at daycare with their friends and so many fun activities to do. I have two very different children who enjoy different things! It is great they get to be outdoors to run around all year round and there are lots of new experiences provided! The teachers learn what the children like quickly and drop off is stress free as my girls are happy to stay and play for the day while I go to work! One very impressed and happy parent!

I've had some really bad experiences with two daycares my sons were in and I cant be thankfull enough for finding New Shoots Albany. My children are happy and thriving...they are being loved..cuddled..respected and receiving top noch education and stimulation. I just adore the staff and they way they opetate...with love, care and emphathy!! I honestly dont know in what emotional state I'd be in as mom if it wasnt for them. there is nothing wore seeing your child sad and not himself and gaving to go to work cause you need the money...but with nsa its been a pleasure dropping my kids off..knowing they will be fibe and receiving love and cudles when u are not around to give it to them....nsa has certainly lifted a miuntain of worries and sadness of my shouldars and replaced it with peace of mind and certainty that my kids are happy and treated with care and respect. this is a wonderfull place for your kids...i cant say thank you enough for everyone over there!! (excuse all spellung mistakes..was texting from my mobile)

Wow what a great place to have your children at.  The staff are so welcoming,a place where your child is respected, cared for and gets to be involved in quality learning experiences every day. The quality and care is felt all the way through this Centre. A nurturing environment for any child,  offering quality education with a fabulous group of teachers.

I've been the center for my friend's daughter. I felt the center is so clean, warm and make people welcomed. The reception lady is so nice and pretty. she showed me all around room, made me a sense of belonging for me. The teachers are so nice and professional.

This is an amazing environment for young children to thrive.  As a parent of a child attending this centre I can't speak highly enough of its incredible teachers, support staff and its first class programs.  The standard is set from the moment you walk in the door with a breathtaking entrance to showcase the attention to detail this centre exudes.  A happy child is a happy mum!

Excellent childcare facility. My daughter has been going here for almost a year and loves the place. She really enjoys all the activities that take place. The food they feed the children is awesome, well it must be because my daughter usually has 2 helpings. The people who work there are awesome, very friendly and always up for a chat. 

This Albany Daycare centre has it all. It looks beautiful inside and out. The people were so friendly and the children were all so busy and happy. It is nice to see a place so relaxed and fun. Looks very good, very impressed. Definitely worth having a look for yourself.