The good folks at New Zealand Kettle Korn know that not all kettle popcorn is created equal.

Like the purists they are, NZ Kettle Korn holds to the age-old traditions of corn cookery to create light, crisp and tasty popcorn that are made with premium oils, sugar and salt.

You can grab a bag of New Zealand Kettle Korn at a number of leading supermarkets. For stockists and more information, please visit the website.


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Maybe the best tasting popcorn ever- the caramel and salted popcorn what could go wrong...I'm telling you nothing! A great mix of sweet and savoury my favourite bit is that I didn't feel like I'd eaten a whole bag of suger!! Bravo! Job well done on pleasing everyone with one snack!

New Zealand Kettle Korn is a must try for all popcorn lovers. Its tastes really delicious and yum as its slightly salted and slightly sweetened.

Delicious crunchy popcorn was given to us at work. Loved the sweet and salty combination. Could not stop munching while I was working. A definite must try popcorn that you'll never regret.

I’ve always loved sweet meets salty and now with a high fibre low g.i twist. Delicious and healthy!! Yum Yum Yum!

I  now have a massive problem,I cant stop eating this popcorn, HELP...my hand is permanently inside the bag

The popcorn was just right. Not too sweet and perfect crunchiness. Really yummy and refreshing. Thanks Kettle Korn :-)

A little salty and a little sweet at the same time. Ooooooohhhhhh so good.

Just dropped off a couple of boxes to my colleagues at the office - courtesy of Trent at KettleKorn - they were Gone in 60 Seconds...!! Fantastic flavour!  :-)  Julian M

I even got a heart shaped kettle cookie!!! :-)

Can be found in 350 outlets including New World, Pak n Save, Countdown.  Also in specialty shops like Farro, Rialto, Bridgeway Cinema, Matakana Cinema

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