Nose to Tail is all about dogs, offering a Self Service Dog Wash with purpose built cubicles, warm water, eco-friendly chemical free shampoos, every tool you could need to deal with shedding coat and a friendly helpful team on hand.

In our Grooming Salon we offer valet washing and full grooming services.

Our Canine Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation offers non impact exercise, great for sore joints.

The Fully stocked dog store is full of doggy products and gifts and a treat jar to make sure everyone has a good time.

We are open 9am till 6pm.

Products and specialities

- Self service dog washing
- Full service dog grooming
- Dog hydrotherapy
- Pet store
- Online pet store


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I felt like I had to sign up to the Localist to leave a comment for Kath and the team at Nose to Tail. They are just full of knowledge about caring for my dog. I took Gizmo my Bichon for a full groom and he came out looking like a rock star. I also advised the team that Gizmo had really bad breath and they recommended Orapup to me. Giz loves his new daily routine of brushing his tongue. Thanks heaps Nose to Tail team we are definitely always well looked after.

Comment by Kylie B.
What a wonderful love Nigel! Sounds like Giz is a whole new dog. Thanks Nose To Tail for being so great.

They have an awesome staff and I love the way they handled my pet. Their store has a great collection of products and the people there know their stuff very well. Will definitely be visiting again.

The staff at Nose to Tail are full of all the most useful dog knowledge and are always happy to pass it on. They really care for dogs and their well being…making them much more than just a grooming service :-)

Excellent dog groomers. Best in Auckland

I love this place, easy to bath and groom your own dog, even if my big dog is a sook and hates the water.

Enzo gets to go to Nose to Tail most Wednesdays after being out on the farm. He loves the Ladies that work there and gets so excited as we drive down the street. The staff are awesome, really friendly and helpful. We normally wash him ourselves but we have dropped him off once for grooming and were really impressed with the service and value for money. We also get our dog food from the shop it is one of the only places we have found ziwipeak a NZ natural dried meat biscuit that we were recommended to use as one of the best foods you can buy. 

I took my two Beagles here this morning for the first time. Nose to Tails is laid out in a bright, open warehouse space. The front consists of a store with various pet sundries, including a really nice (and precious!) assortment of gourmet treats, coat conditioners, and toys. Through a door is the main warehouse space. Racks of dog food occupy one corner. In the middle of the space is a large aquatic tub for use by visiting dogs. The far wall is lined with wash stalls. Low stalls for big dogs, and high stalls (reached by ramp) for smaller dogs so you don't have to bend over and strain your back. In the back is a grooming area where you can have your dog clipped and trimmed or (I believe) do it yourself. The wash stalls are great. If you bring your own shampoo/soap, you pay $20/dog. This includes warm water out of a shower spray, access to a hose dryer, towels and wash cloths, grooming brushes, and plastic ponchos to keep yourself dry. Each stall is equipped with means for securing your dog if he or she is inclined to flee from a bath. I love this place. It's clean, the staff are very helpful, and they have a good selection of ordinary to high-end supplies for your best four-legged friend. Highly recommended.

Are you sick of having more water on the ceiling, floor and walls than in the tub? You no longer have to worry about the mess and clean up required after bathing your best friend.  Bathe your pooch yourself without the hassle, or hand them over for a professional touch. You will no longer need to call the plumber to remove the dog hair from your clogged drains.