Oporto Holdings Pty Ltd is an Australian and New Zealand fast food restaurant franchise, with a Portuguese-theme.

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Chargrilled Chicken and Burgers, Fresh Not Frozen, Grilled Not Fried, Salads, Wraps, Mash and gravy, chips, dessert, meals and other offers


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The Bondi Bites are cooked beautifully and they are ENORMOUS! a meal in themselves, which makes them great value too.

The burgers at Oporto are great, as they are very different in taste compared to other burger outlets. It was for the very first time, we tried the chicken char-grilled burger with its unique sauces. It tasted so delicious along with the hot fries, that we ended up ordering another one more burger and shared it amongst ourselves.. The service too was very quick and efficient.

I went through a phase where I had Oporto every week and Pakuranga is by far the best! The manager seems to really love his job and take pride in it.. everything served is really good, with friendly service. Love the seasoning on the chips...!