Part of Auckland's history for 100 years, the Parnell Baths are a summer institution. The saltwater pool (the largest in New Zealand!) enjoys a spectacular outlook across Judges Bay and beyond over Tamaki Drive. For these reasons and the wildly fun water fountain, the baths continues to be a true family favourite during the warmer months.

There's also a gym on site and at just $6.30 per person for a swim, it's really good value for money. Plus where else do you get retro deck chairs as cute as those that line the sides of this historic swimming pool.

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Parnell Baths will make you feel young again! If you find yourself hot and bothered this summer theres no better place than to head down to Parnell and frolic in the water fountains. Its cool, its easy and it's for everyone!

In the summer months we practically live at these outdoor salt-water baths! The vibrant slide and splash bucket tower is iconic at its inner-city spot on the banks of Judges Bay estuary. There’s a shelter over one of the smaller pools but it can quickly get crowded in there so the best time to go is in the morning before the sun’s too hot. As you layer up baby in sunscreen, rash suit and hat, don’t forget to do the same for yourself! It’s way too easy to kill time in there, so be sun smart. But enjoy it. Being a stay at home parent in summer sure has its perks! And this one’s for only $6 a pop. That’s if you can hold out from the obligatory hot chips and drink from the onsite cafe!

When it's sweltering outside and the only thing you want to do is dive into crystal-clear water, Parnell Baths is the place to be. This Auckland gem has been keeping Kiwis cool for years because there's not too many places in the inner-city that you can enjoy an outdoor swim in delicious saltwater. I also love the fact that once you are in the pool, you can bask in the beautiful views across Judges Bay. I'm a bit of fish so I never like to get out but in the height of summer, there's no better place to escape to and read a book than on one of the Parnell Baths' legendary loungers.

great fun for family

out doors and feels very tropical

It’s salt water from the sea… cool!

Free for kids!!

I love a salt water pool, reminds me of home! Great spot in the summer!

With their 60m salt water pool, spa pools and aquatic playground Parnell Baths make for an amazing summer time swimming location. They also have facilities for hosting birthday parties!

I’m swimming in the rain..