Petes Auto Services have been servicing West Auckland on Lincoln Road for more than 25 years.

Our friendly team have over 25 years of mechanical repair experience. You can be sure that your car will be looked after.

Our well equipped workshop is able to perform full mechanical repair, rust repair, warrant of fitness, auto air conditioning, car modifications, panel and paint, damage or accident repair, certified of fitness, new or used tyres and much more.

Not only do we service cars, but at Petes Auto Services our workshop will also fix trucks, motor home and caravans.

Speak to the expert team at Petes Auto Services for quality workmanship.

Products and specialities

Full mechanical repair, rust repair, warrant of fitness, auto air conditioning, car modifications, panel and paint, damage or accident repair, certified of fitness, new or used tyres, motor home repairs and servicing, caravan servicing and repair, cambelts, brakes, suspension, steering, batteries


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I am delighted with the great service received today from Pete. My son is a first year electrical apprentice and needs a car to get to work. This morning he could not use the gears at all. I rang Pete and within an hour the car was collected. A couple of hours later it was fixed and running perfectly. We are particularly grateful that Pete could squeeze us in - just days before xmas. Friendly and helpful guy. Good price. Highly recommended.

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I just had a bad experience with Pete's autos. Here's what happened. I was washing my car in the car wash which is 50 metres from Pete's autos. It was a Saturday. After the car wash my car, a BMW, wouldn't start. We pushed it to Pete's autos. The machanic (who is not Pete) was really nice. I left and borrowed a car to get around for the afternoon. Later that day I phoned Pete to find out what was wrong, and he said the fuel pump had failed. When I asked how much a new fuel pump was he said '..about $400'. I thought that was expensive but I instructed him to do the job. Petes manner on the phone was not good. He was grumpy and short, making me feel like I was an idiot for asking about the price. He told me the car would be ready to pick up late on Monday. It go worse from this point on. I phoned at 4:30 on Monday and once again he was rude and obnoxious. He told me he'd tried to phone me but couldn't get hold of me. No message was left from him on my phone. He said I couldn't pick up the car because he'd locked it away. Then he told me the price - $800! The pump had ended up costing $554 plus GST and with 1.5 hours of labour and $20 freight, the bill was $798.70. I sensed immediately I had been ripped off. This is where it gets interesting. My car is usually services at Burger Motors on the North Shore. They are impeccably honest. I asked Burger what a new genuine fuel pump would cost, plus fitting. His written quote was $555, including GST. Basically, Pete's autos had charged me $250 too much. When I went to pick up the car on Tuesday morning, I was met by Pete. There was no smile, no eye contact, and no warmth what so ever. I asked to see the invoice from the BMW dealer. He reluctantly waived it in front of me. When I asked for a copy of it, he refused, saying gruffly, "You've seen it." Pete acted like a real dodgy person. I produced the quote from Burger motors and asked why Pete''s autos were $250 dearer. That's 31.25% dearer. He completely ignored me, saying nothing, just silently pointing to the invoice price from BMW. Pete's crime is that is couldn't be bothered getting the same genuine fuel pump from a cheaper supplier. The supplier Burger uses has been in Auckland for a decade, and their parts are genuine. It's difficult to believe that Pete's autos didn't know about them. After all, Pete claims to have been doing engine repairs for decades in West Auckland. I can only conclude Pete didn't care what price I paid for the part. So much for doing the best for your customers Pete. In summary, the whole experience was horrible. Pete's customer service rates a zero. He ripped me off to the tune of $250 and he made me feel like I was a major inconvenience in his day. I recommend you go to Burger Motors on the North Shore for your vehicle repairs. They can be completely trusted and they are polite, friendly, and caring. I love Burger Motors, but not Pete's.

Peter is very knowledgeable efficient and inexpensive. Best car repair place in the west.

They are speedy and very reliable.