Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens was established in 1990 in Kumeu. They are dedicated to producing the freshest and juiciest strawberries for local and export markets and are one of the largest suppliers in NZ. The original real fruit ice cream and smoothie shop. Their special machines blend together fresh frozen fruit with quality vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt to create a custom dessert that is naturally delicious! Pick from a variety of fruits and create your very own fruity mixed ice cream delight! 100% naturally flavoured and coloured with fruit!


Coffee brand Altura
Food Options Organic food, Gluten free, Vegetarian

Products and specialities

REAL fruit ice cream & smoothies | 🍓grown here and available in shop | PYO starts 26 December 2016 to Feb 2017


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I love Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens in Kumeu because it's one of the only places in Auckland where you can pick your own strawberries. A truly Kiwi summer tradition, you can head out into their abundant strawberry patches from Boxing Day onwards. Because nothing tastes better than a sun-ripened, juicy strawberry straight off the vine.

Great place to spend a few hours with the family in the summer

Hi, I would like to work in strawberry farm, I bear hardships and stand hard work. Please let me know if any vacancies available. I'm ready to join immediately.

We love this place! They have the best Frozen Yogurt!

We practically live at this place in the summer! The BEST real fruit strawberry ice creams made to order and we always come home with a huge box of strawberries that rarely last us the whole week until we can get out there again.

Yum, can't wait for summer to go here!!!

Love the nice fresh strawberry ice cream on a hot as sunny day.

I can't wait for summer and pick my own strawberries!!

mm strawberries! would love to go here sometime :)