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When I saw that Pizza Hut was trialing a pizza that had a hot dog in the crust suddenly I was convinced that there was a god. This pizza dog is all kinds of wrong (comes complete with sauce satchets for the dog/crust part!) but at the same time all kinds of right. It’s far from gourmet but this is revolutionary fast food. Get excited people.

This is one of my go to places for a cheap yet filling bit to eat. I regularly order from work, stop by on my way home and have a tasty meal ready to go when I get home. It's nothing fancy of course but simple and quick.

The service was really good and friendly. They have a large waiting area at this Pizza Hut, which also has a massive TV, which is great touch to help kill the time. We waited about 15mins before our order was ready. Really great experience. As its on Dominion road, parking could be a hassle!

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