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Nearest Pizza place to my house.

Lovin' their $4.90 pizza and million dollar service :) With a smile non-the-less! :D

Really good, $5, fast cooking time.

They have a good menu and the prices are very resonable if you get a deal or have a coupon.We normally end up getting a deal with free chips or garlic bread. My families favorite flavour from this branch is itallian and the bbq chicken and bacon. When we get the pizzas deleivered they are always hot and because they arrive so quickly, normally faster then they predict.

Came here for some pizzas as neither of us wanted to cook. Bought 2 value classic pizzas. Ahead of us were about 10 orders, so I expected a reasonable waiting time. In total waited about 20 mins, which was reasonable as Friday nights are the busiest nights of the week as anyone in the food industry will know. Staff was friendly and quite apologetic, but at least the pizzas were made fresh and hot!

It seems recently,maybe due to economic factors that Pizza hut have cut down on the amount of cheese they add to their pizzas....very dissapointing when you order the cheese only pizza! The chips from Pizza hut are lovely and never dissapoint! We would love pizza hut to do free deliver, just a though

Wheee, blaaa, what a nasty food! Guess what, they even forgot my chips and I had to ring them to remind them that my order is incomplete. Pizzas; my dogs did not want it. Rubbery base, tonne of sauce and no toppings. This page does not accept low scoring otherwise i will give them less than zero. The one in Henderson is even worse. Vomit!!!!

Comment by Joe Brown
sounds like a lawyer . Sounds good wonderful with words.

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