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* Chiropractor
* Acupuncture
* ACC Registered
* Massage
* Spine Specialist
* Spinal Decompresion Therapy
* DFM Gravity Inversion Therapy
* Back Pain, Sciatica, Bulging Disc, Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis
* English, Korean and Mandarin speaking staff


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They are good

Regular checkup and alignment of spine keeps you fit and active

I've been to Parnell in the past for various injuries, but for my most recent visit I could hardly walk when I first arrived. Within a week I felt mobile again. Within a month I felt like I had a new back. The combination of chiropractic and acupuncture works so well together to ensure you get better and stay better. Not only is it good, but acupuncture is free under ACC! Can't get any better than that.

I am very happy after seeing both Jim and Claire. Won't be going anywhere else.

I am a regular client of Jim, I think it's very important for a healthy lifestyle not only exercising but also to take care of your spine. It's like a WOF for your spine. Jim is very professional and always gives the best advice. My back pain has gone but I visit regularly to make sure that my spine stays healthy for a long time.

Big thanks to Jamie, couldn't believe how quick I responded to the acupuncture, had pulled my hamstring and within one session with Jamie he had fixed the pain in my leg from my injury and I was able to be back in the gym the very next day. Also have always felt uneasy about the thought of acupuncture but Jamie made me feel very comfortable and with every session is always very friendly would most defiantly recommend to anyone. Thank you very much Jamie really appreciate it. Nicky Richardson

To the team at Parnell Chiro and Acupuncture. You guys rock!! My lower back is perfect and my neck and back feels great. I have seen other Chiropractors and Acupuncturists previously and after seeing Jim and Jamie that was definitely the last time without a doubt. Jim knows what he is doing and does it well and it works! Jamie will fix anything with his skills in acupuncture! And the lovely Aniko… you just brighten everyone’s day!:) Keep it up team!!!… Everything you guys are doing is fantastic!! I’ll be back… (At the least to say hello) Rohith Chandra (Patient)

A BIG thank you to the team at Parnell. Particularly to Jamie Han who is just amazing. I have had issues with eating (unable to eat) for weeks, watched myself dropped to an alarming 43kg, it was awful. Just one session with Jamie and I have my appetite back. I was able to eat and enjoy food that very evening, and since. I couldn't thanks Jamie enough! Kind regards, Julia

I would like to say how impressed I was with the service Jamie Han provided when I came to see him to resolove some issues I had with my knees during pregnancy. As there are limited treatments that are available during pregnancy I found Jamie's technique very gentle and I had full confidence in his practice that both I and my baby were safe in his capable hands. I was amazed how the pain could go so quickly with the acupuncture as I  have not had such a fast response in the past with other acupuncturists. Thanks so much Jamie, I always found your visits very professional, friendly and I always left feeling very relaxed which was great being so heavily pregnant. Gina Bensaih

I would like to thank all staff at Parnell Chiropractors & Acupucturists for all their help and support while treating me. Jim has been absolutely fantastic with my ongoing muscle spasm in my back which, with monthly adjustments has cleared up completely! Jamie has been different class with his acupunture skills, he will try and probably can treat anything! He has helped loads with my shoulder tightness, knee pain, and jaw problems. My shoulder tightness which I was feeling for well over a month before I saw Jamie, and within literally 5 minutes the pain was gone and has not come back! I also had pain in my side from a hard day a work recently, where I could not move my upper body without serious discomfort, but after a session with Jamie the serious discomfort had gone and by morning I was back to my old self. And not forgetting Aniko, the lovely office manager who never fails to brighten my day! Thank you all for a friendly and professional atmosphere, its a joy to get needled on a weekly basis!! Clinton Reynolds