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Tried this when we come to Wellington 3 years ago... Have been visiting often.... Great food..... Always bring friend and family who come for a visit there..... Money well spent....

I grew up in Singapore, which means I know everything there is to know about Malaysian cuisine. Fortunately for us all, one can’t walk a block in Wellington city without encountering a Malaysian restaurant. Most people are familiar with wonton noodles: pork or shrimp wontons floating in a bowl of soup and egg noodles, usually accompanied by strips of BBQ pork and bok choy. But at R&S Noodle house on Cuba St, you can get the “dry” version of this, which has all of the above – except that the soup is substituted with a dark, soy sauce base. I haven’t found this anywhere else in Wellington, and there was a time when I ate it so often I forced the staff to issue me a trespass notice for my own well-being. Further, you can tell this restaurant is the real deal because it features garish hospital lighting, loud chefs and three versions of the same menu up side-by-side on the walls.

Greasy and delightful