Raw Essentials is the leading source of high-quality, free-range raw pet food and nutrition advice for your pet, online! We supply 100% natural minces,…

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Love their range and variety of food great for dogs and cats. Friendly helpful staff

Great food for dogs and cats. Friendly, helpful staff.

Raw Essentials has a great range of good, healthy, natural food for dogs and cats - the kind of food they are MEANT to eat. I have purchased my dog meat patties from there and he absolutely loves them! It's such a treat for him. Would definitely recommend to pet owners!!

Within days of my Mum getting her new pup, he was picking over food and scratching like mad.  I sent her to my friend and the fantastic team at Raw Essentials - he has never picked since, not once, over his food !!!   Mum has hesitated a couple of times over the last 6 months, worrying, as you do over something new and different - but has stuck with the plan, and has the most  happy, healthy, shiny, beautiful dog ever.  And, do you know what I have noticed?  His breath is still as sweet as it was when he was a tiny puppy.  Because his digestive system is functioning as it should.  Perfect.   Thank you! 

Comment by Raw E.
Thank you so much, that is fantastic to hear!

Raw Essentials gave me my first insight into raw feeding, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back! It makes sense, and it’s so good for your cats and dogs. The team here can answer any and all questions and the meat selection is great! My dogs favorites: alpaca filets, hare legs, pilchards and veal bones.

Comment by Raw E.
Thank you for your lovely comments - we're thrilled that Sovereign is thriving on his raw diet!

Our foxy cross Bonnie used to be so bored of dried bikkies-since we got into raw food via Raw Essentials she hears the word 'dinner' and runs in circles with excitement. She looks so much healthier and happier all of the time! The staff are well clued up and in particular Nicolette has been an amazing help and knowledgeable mentor for us ( thank you! )... Grace and Daddy Mal.

Comment by Raw E.
Thank you, we're so pleased to hear Bonnie is enjoying her new raw diet! She is beautiful :)

Thanks to Lyn & the team at Raw Essentials my beautiful Ragdoll is now off hypoallergenic biscuits & prednisone & is thriving on a 100% raw food diet with not an 'allergy' in sight!

The staff at Raw Essentials are friendly and very knowledgable on all aspects of raw feeding. They are also a great source of info on natural worming, flea control and other aspects of pet care. Raw essentials is my trusted place for advice. If the staff can't answer my questions they can refer me to Lynn the vet. My cats love the food. There's a great choice too, even for finicky eaters. 

Healthy food for your pet, great service, great advice

Always friendly and helpful my puppy’s fav place for food!!