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Realized you have run out of something, cant find it in your local supermarket? Well if its out of stock you'll probably find it here! Great for snacks, cosmetics, Christmas stocking fillers, pet treats and more all at low prices.

I pop in here every time I am over this way and invariably come out with at least a bag full of stuff. They have some great deals on a variety of food products and cosmetic items.  If you can find something you like, it's generally going to be cheaper than elsewhere.

I usually go into this store with the idea of just looking around and seeing if there is anything of interest on sale. Big Mistake! I grab a couple of items here and a couple there and by the time I get to the end of the first isle my hands are full and I have to go back to the beginning and get a basket - It is very embarrasing when you grab one too many items and they all fall down, I'm speaking from experience here.   Reduced to Clear has some great special. They usually have some type of chocolate or another on special for around the $1-$2, my current favourite there is the giant mallowpuffs for 99c, I always stock up while out. The cleaning products (which I'm pretty sure never expire) are a great price at half the original.

They have some pretty cheap stuff on special, ranging from muesli bars to dish washing liquid. The range here is quite small though compared to the Botany branch, but prices are consistent. A large jar of Nestle coffee was $7 and a large bag of porridge was $3 which wasn't too bad. They should get in more produce though like cheese and bacon. 

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