Renkon is a chain of Japanese restaurants with 4 branches throughout Auckland. Offering a range of authentic Japanese meals made with traditional ingredients, options include rice donburi and udon noodle meals, soups, salads and smaller side dishes. They also sell a selection of beers, wines and non alcoholic drinks.

With reasonable prices and generous portions served up by friendly Japanese staff, the Parnell restaurant can seat up to 50 guests and is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

Try their tasty katsu chicken washed down with an Asahi beer.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Lively
Accepts credit cards Yes
Noise level Upbeat
Licence This venue is licenced
Food Options Vegetarian

Products and specialities

Japanese cuisine
Licensed restaurant


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Love the interiors and the fact that this one has Salmon and Avacado on the menu.

Best veggie noodle/stirfry ever! I always get the same thing. So quick and delish

Beautifully cooked meal, very homely. Have Japanese beers!

Biggest fan of there guys Japanese cusinese. Gives my BBQ a rest for the night!

A staple restaurant for many Aucklanders, Renkon Parnell is a great choice to grab some quick, delicious Japanese for a very reasonable price before heading to the Domain. It’s perfect for families and if you’re in a rush to catch the start of the show, just get your dinner to takeaway. Parnell Renkon, unlike many of the other Renkon’s in the city, sells beer, wine and sake also. Note: Renkon closes between 3pm and 5pm daily for dinner changeover.

Cheap, cheerful, quick and incredibly tasty. tea refill.

I celebrate my birthday with a large group of friends and family at Renkon Parnell late last year. With both myself and most of my friends being uni students, I wanted to go somewhere that had good food, and that was affordable for us all, and that was exactly what Renkon offers. What we did was each buy a starter, which we shared around the table, our own mains, and Renkon allowed me to provide a cake to have for dessert for no extra charge. They kept it safe in the kitchen while we were enjoying our delicious dinner, and they brought it out afterwards with candles lit, a knife so I could cut it, and plates and spoons so we could eat it. They were very accommodating, and everyone had a delicious meal. I was so please I chose to celebrate my birthday at Renkon, and have been back a number of times since. If there is one thing I can say to sum up my review - I give them 5 stars ;) *****

Always good for a Yakiniku in a casual environment when you just don’t want to cook

Renkon is probably my absolute favourite Japanese restaurant, in fact I would eat it a few times of week if I could. You can’t go past teriyaki tofu, it is so freaking good, it’s actually now the only thing I order. The ultimate question; what do they do to get that amazing crunchy coating??

Ah, the tried and true. Can’t say I have met a person that doesn’t like Renkon and the Parnell store is the perfect one to meet up with those friends who work around the city and don’t have all that long for a lunch break because it is cheap, delicious, quick, filling AND healthy. I am a huge fan of Japanese food so to find somewhere that fits all of the above categories was great, let alone trying to find any food place like that in general in Auckland. My heart lies with the karaage chicken. It is fried chicken with rice and veges and it tastes like upper class KFC, and I like to pretend I am fancy. I don’t think you could go wrong with this place, I will fight you if you think otherwise.