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This is my go to place when I need a cake for a special occasion. They bake delicious cakes and decorate them with cream that isn’t too sweet - and fill the cake layers with your choice (I usually have pudding and peaches). Also a great place to get egg tarts from, baked fresh daily, these egg tarts are the best I’ve had. I usually pick it up in the morning when I know I can get at least 12 egg tarts. And if you order your cake a day in advance you might even get a discount.

The Rio bakeries have a reasonably large range, especially the one in Highland Park. They have all sorts of traditional and western style cakes and breads, from the honey cake, to chocolate mousse. For a higher range, the prices are reasonable and cheaper than other Asian bakeries, although they use a lot of mock cream instead of fresh cream which is disappointing, even in their chilled Swiss rolls. 

Overall great bakery but the pork pastries are the best.