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There should be more of these around in Auckland!!!! Salad the way you want it - kind of like subway but without the bread. Healthy (and affordable) option for lunch, and they sell sushi on the side as well. It gets pretty busy around lunchtime and I can see why.

This place is the best for healthy fresh salads! Take your pick from anything they offer including sundried tomatoes, feta, avocado, nuts. A large is enough for my lunch and dinner.

Salad Works has a grat variety of salad choices, it is cheap, cheerful and yum! Am a sucker for the salad works option which at under $5 can't really be beaten!

Good little spot with plenty of salad options and sushi as well. Never had the sushi before so I can't really comment on it, but I've had a bunch of salads and they're all good. Now if it seems like a while till the next pay day and you're on a budget, wondering what you could possibly get for lunch, this place is going to sort you out. You can get a slaw style with roast vege and bacon for $4.90. You can eat there too, I'd only recommend this if you prefer to be surrounded by a giant queue because that's how it gets during the week at midday. But maybe that's you're thing...

Mix your own or select one of the menu. Also do sushi. All fresh food, reasonably priced and space to eat in as well. The oriental chicken salad with cashews is the winner for me.

Healthy, pick your own salads and sushi in the CBD. If you get creative with your choices you can get real value for money!!

Salad works allows you to pick from sushi, or make your own salad depending on what you fancy. If you're hesitant to design your own you can pick from a small menu. It can work out a bit on the expensive side for just a plain salad but you still feel good about yourself for eating a salad for lunch instead of takeaways! Love to take my salad away and sit outside in the sun by the fountains.

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