Looking for some inspiration and ingredients for your Indian cooking? Saluja's has everything you'll need!

This Indian grocery store stocks an impressive range of fresh and frozen foods. Browse through spices and sauces to get that authentic flavouring for your dishes. Pick up some Indian tea and try some snacks and sweets to serve the guests while they wait.

For those who are looking for something a little more classic, look out for the frozen naan bread and the fresh samosas that come in daily!

Products and specialities

Indian grocery store
Basmati rice
Indian tea
Indian snacks &sweets
frozen foods
fruits & vegetables


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The only place I could find Mulethi for my sore throat - cheap as chips -  Google it!

I think it is the best indian shop in botany.

Has a good stock but is sometimes missing items. Onions are always of a slightly substandard quality.