New Zealand has a massive Korean settlement - and one of the great things about this is the abundance of Korean food that is introduced to New Zealand!

Seoul House Restaurant is Wellington's own little secret bringing the cuisine of Korea to New Zealand.

With a variety of Asian selections as well as a broad range of drinks, and a serene, relaxed atmosphere - Seoul House offers a fantastic value.

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Korean cuisine


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Great service, price and taste!! Best Korean Restaurant in NZ. I would not hesitate to recommend this fantastic restaurant!

Seoul house provides delicate Korean cusine with warm welcoming atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are in Wellington. Much better than any other Korean restaurants. Prices are reasonable and kind services puts smile on my face every time I visit. - Tofu Soup all the day-


Nice gourmet Korean food I can find in NZ! I miss Seoul House so much x

One dish you want to try at Seoul is the bulgogi. You really can’t go wrong with their marinated beef which is briefly seared before being served over steaming piles of rice and veges.

Seriously yummy Korean food! In love with the "sizzle plates" one of those places you leave seriously satisfied and with a food baby!

Our Korean options may be limited in Wellington, but what we lack in variety we make up for in taste. Seoul House on Dixon St. serves up several excellent vegetarian options, including a meat-free bibimbap chock full of beautifully steamed veggies and tofu goodness, plus one very cute heart-shaped fried egg. Be sure to start your meal with tea and honey. The banchan is yummy (and free!) A new special on the menu, also delightfully vege-friendly, is a must-try.

It’s hard to find good Korean food in Wellington but this is definitely the best. Great bibimbap.