Don't pick a shoe, let a shoe pick you! At Shoe Clinic, New Zealand's leading sports footwear and apparel retail chain. 18 stores: Auckland to Invercargill. At Shoe Clinic there are over 100 different models from the world's finest sport shoe brands. Each model has particular technical features designed for differing physiological needs. There is a pair that's just right for you and your running or walking style. By running across the sensor pad of the Footscan Computer (an Adidas designed system), a digital print is produced of your foot as it lands. This indicates the anatomy of your foot, the pressure points and your biomechanical running style. Shoe Clinic specialists will give an expert assessment and prescribe the ideal shoe for your personal characteristics. With their help the perfect shoe will pick you. This means your sports shoes work with your feet and running style and not against them. This is also the reason that we don't make our range of shoes available for online purchase. By coming into our stores and going through our unique shoe fitting process, you are guaranteed to have the best possible pair of shoes for your individual feet and requirements.

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One on one staff help

These guys helped me so much whilst training to do the NY Marathon in 2011.  Shoes, fuel, gear, training advice...really genuine staff who all run/play heaps themselves.

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