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SKIDS is amazing!!! My kids loved every minute there and refused to come home most days! The staff is loving and they genuinely care for the children. Most of the activities are educational and teach the kids team work and sharing. There is a lot of focus on sports related activities as well. My kids settled well in school due to the great time they had at SKIDS!

Their holiday programme is the best... Loads of fun every time!

Spaces filling fast, hurry book it for your children today! Join in the fun!

Purity and her team are so good with the children. There is always something fun on the go - from cooking to crafts to games and more. My boys love going to Skids!

Many outings and craft, drama plays, sand art, movies i would definatly go again!

Heading over here tomorro and can’t wait! (: i always enjoy coming here and volunteering!

Best service ever

Comment by Sunil P.
Simone is having fun at Skids. At Skids Simone likes to play with her friends. Simone loves doing activities like drawing, colouring and painting at Skids.

Thank you Purity, Ferdilin and the team at SKIDSHalseyDr for the wonderful & life changing experiences my children & cousins have experienced.  You're always very accommodating & helpful.  SKIDSHalseyDr offer a safe & fun environment for my kids.  My kids & cousins LOOVE all the activities, meeting new friends and working together with the friendly team @ SKIDSHalseyDr.  We keep coming back year after year because you're the BEST THERE IS!

My son loves going to before shcool, after school and the holiday programmes . . as a mum is hard to leave your kids with someone else for this much time, but knowing that he is safe, having fun with his friends, learning all at the same time as having caring, supportive supervision makes it less stressful on all of us!

Comment by Rachael
The stories of fun and adventure come home from SKIDS on a regular basis. The team just keep coming up with new and exciting ways to engage the kids in their care - inspiring. :)

All three of our boys have attended /are attending SKIDS and they have really enjoyed the variety of activities offered. They are always busy and engaged in fun activities when I collect them at the end of the day. The staff are very caring and create a very warm, happy and friendly environment.