Here at Skydive Auckland, we offer the experience of a lifetime - breathtaking freefall at over 200kmph, over the skies and beaches of Auckland! We offer 3 heights - 9,000, 13,000 & the highest jump on the North Island -16,500ft ! The owners of Skydive Auckland have been at the pinnacle of the tandem skydiving industry for over 20 years and we are 110% committed to providing a safe, friendly, and comfortable Skydiving atmosphere with the best equipment and fantastic instructors. We will guide all brave enough to face their fears, through an adrenaline fuelled, mind blowing experience!

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Jumps come with a FREE pick up!
9,000ft - $295- 20 seconds of Freefall- A Quick Hit
13,000ft - $325- 45 seconds of Freefall - A Tasty Teaser
16,500ft - $395- The Highest in the North Island- 75 Seconds F/F!
1-on-1 DVD and Photo packs available


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Had the most amazing skydive staff were amazing .. friendly and safety was number 1 priority would definatly go back again the veiws were fabulous 

  Just did the most incredible sky dive here! Such an adrenaline rush. The staff were fantastic.   

This has to be one of the best adrenaline rush experiences ever! Took a while to ascend to jumping altitude but once there, you get an unreal view of Auckland before you experience free fall.

WOW!  Amazing day had by all.  Best thing we have done.  The crew at Skydive Auckland made the day hassle free and so easy to deal with.  Fun was had by all and would recommend to all.  We will be back

Everything from the pick-up to the jump was ran extremely well. These guys are real professionals and will make sure you have the jump of your life. This was my 2nd jump ever and the views from the jump were unreal. I have some awesome Facebook pics from this and an even better video! I'd highly recommend this and I've even convinced some of my mates they must do it before leaving Auckland. The pick-up and drop off was included and the banter and info I received added to the excitement of the jump. I jumped with Billy who I told I was fearless too so he added a few terrifying spins into my jump and even let me fly the parachute which was so cool! Cheers Skydive Auckland. I will be back!

Skydive Auckland and BlueSkies Skydiving are once again making Parakai Airfield the place to be for skydiving, both tandem and sport!  A friend of mine had a jump booked on Saturday so I went to hang out with he and his wife and watch him jump.  The place was very busy with an awesome friendly vibe and my friend loved the skydive!  Maybe it will be my turn next?  Who knows!?

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