A wide selection of sports shoes (and socks!) for men and women, plus a good range of major brand sportswear. Free gait analysis.

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One of New Zealand's most iconic and trusted local sports shoe suppliers, Smiths Sports Shoes is a Kiwi institution, helping many generations of families get fit and healthy. I love the fact that every committed runner can go into store and get tested for the best shoe for their running or walking style.

We've been buying sporting shoes at Smith's for a number of years, mainly rugby and running shoes (which is good because that's what they specialise in!). Customer service has been great, with good advice given at time of purchase and this has proved to be proof in the well worn pudding. The shoes/boots have also been well priced, and last time when two pairs of boots were required, the assistant was brilliant and rootled around to find us two good pairs of boots, and both were on special which saved us a significant sum. Definitely recommend popping into Smith's if you're into serious running or ball chasing type endeavours.

Smith Sports Shoes has friendly service and good value running shoes.  Also if something is wrong with the shoes they standby their customers BUY your shoes there!

I play tennis about 5 times a week and chop through shoes all the time and I can always find great tennis shoes here from Asics.  They have a great variety and you can't beat their prices. 

I went to Smith's (after a friend's recommendation) looking for a new pair of running shoes. I've never had a better experience from retailer: friendly, great attention to detail, really good price, plus he gave me a free pair of socks. Couldn't ask for more than that!

Large warehouse style shop with a huge amount of sports shoes.  You should be able to find what you need here.. or I'll be amazed.