Sparg's Auto Tune are your friendly North Shore Mechanics. We are here to ensure that whenever you need a mechanic, you can come to us for a WOF (warrant of fitness), car service, tune up, wheel alignment or any of your auto service needs. We will ensure that you have a safe reliable vehicle for the minimum possible cost.

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I have had 3 cars serviced and worked on over the last year, VW, Ford & Toyota with the same honest service always with a smile. Its nice in this day and age to receive genuine customer service. Would recommend to anyone in Auckland, I tried them after a similar recommendation

We have been servicing our vehicles with Chris and Natalie for the past 6 years and will always go back. Chris will only give the best and informs me when anything else needs repairs, no work is undertaken if I do not agree to the cost. Chris will keep me informed of when the vehicle will be ready for collection and explain to what service and work will be required next and what I can budget for. Highly recommend Sparg’s for all your vehicle repair, thanks Nat and Chris – keep up the good and friendly service.

Chris and Natalie have serviced two of our vehicles so far and they have proved efficient, convey accurately what needs to be done and we have been very pleased dealing with them.

Our company has had our vehicles serviced and maintained by Spargs Autotune for over 7 years now.  They are very very particular and we’ve never needed anything done in-between our scheduled services. Chris and Natalie are always really helpful, and Chris "knows his stuff" when it comes to all types of cars, we have our company Holdens, Toyotas, Volvos, Nissans and Porsches in our Fleet and all of them are done here with no worries.  The whole team is great.   Natalie is always friendly and helpful and really looks after us.  I highly recommend Spargs Autotune.  Thanks Chris, Natalie and your team. Alvin from PT Global.

Took my car here for a second opinion after shell glen park mechanic failed me on my WoF. After half an hour the mechanic at Spargs had checked my car and found absolutely nothing wrong with the suspension quoted as the reason failed and even contacted the first mechanic to double check why he failed my car.  Ended up getting a WoF here and ill definitely be back! Thank you for saving me $390

I took my Jag in to Spargs Autotune somewhat apprehensively as I had always used the Jaguar agent but the overall experience was just brilliant, and the Jag, its never run better, Chris pointed out that he always uses the oils recommended by the manufacturer and the result was a more power and less fuel. It was done is no time at all, just long enough to be handed a cup of coffee and observe all of the certificates on the walls. I would defintely suggest you grab the phone and call these guys if you need a mechanic on the north shore because it cost half what i would normally pay! thanks Chris & Natalie.  

I searched mechanic north shore and ended up with these guys.  Sparg's Auto Tune are more than just WOF providers and car service specialists, they are the ultimate auto professionals. Great advice, great service and just great people.

This a very friendly and helpful family auto service north shore firm with a receptionist who always goes the extra mile for her customers. The mechanical expertise is superb and we get our cars serviced and warranted here whenever possible.

Chris and Natalie were brilliant.  Always kept me up to play.  Had a lot of work done, great service, great price.  Awesome Mechanic north shore.  5 stars all the way, def pick up the phone and all these guys!

One rainy North Shore night my car decided the indicators an windscreen wipers would slow down as I was driving home in the dark. I managed to pull over, I knew my car wasn't getting me home that night, an shortly after Natalie from Spargs Auto arrived to rescue me after my distress call!  After sorting a courtesy car an getting my wheels to the auto service workshop, Natalie and the Spargs team provided an efficient service an had me back on the road within 48hours, panic free!  I would definitely recommend Spargs auto tune to anyone who is after a friendly mechanic, efficient, and reliable service 5 stars!!! :)

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