Sparklewhite Teeth is NZ Owned and Operated since 2009 with branches ranging from Whangarei down to Invercargill. We are one of the founding members of the NZ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Assoc. All Sparklewhite Teeth Practitioners are Registered, Trained ...

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I hoped but didnt believe. Imagine how exciting it was when i had Neil come to my home, do my teeth and make an awesome difference, just like the photos on this site. Im giggling away and so happy to smile. He also had some great ideas on how to maintain this. Yahooo! Please please , go for it. I have allergies and i had no sensitivities to the treatment. Who could have thought this could happen in one treatment. thankyou Neil!!!!

Comment by Neil M.
Thanks for the complement Colleen and yes you had great results. The whitening treatment brings the natural colour back where it can be seen and you've got beautiful teeth that have been hidden behind a fews years of lifestyle build up. Thank you for your hospitality while I was at your place.

I have tried a few places before I came to Sparklewhite and they are absolutely the best in Auckland hands down! Neil will come to you wherever you are, the service is excellent, the procedure itself - painless and the teeth spartkle afterwards. Highly recommend! Thank you!

Comment by Neil M.
Thank you Luna, it was a true pleaseure doing your teeth and they look great