This site has been set up with the view to share Sri Lankan cuisine in a professional environment to a new generation of Foodies who want to discover the unique character of Sri Lankan cuisine. In the months to come it is planned that for a series of Professional cooking demonstrations/mastercooking classes to be run in Auckland for the General public. At these masterclass cooking classes you will learn the use of spices in Sri Lankan cuisine, the health benefits of the spices and we will teach you how to be able to plan & cook a scrumptious Sri Lankan meal to entertain your friends. We will briefly talk about the dietary balance of Sri Lankan cuisine and its relevance today . We will give you information on how to shop for ingredients at commonly found spice shops or even at your local chain supermarket. At the end of the Masterclass you will get to sit down & enjoy the meal that has been prepared making the evening a special outing of Learning & a true Culinary adventure.


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