We hope you can find everything you need. Superstart Childcare is focused on providing high-quality education in an environment where children are nurtured and supported with positive interactions and a programme that meets the child’s individual needs.

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Transition to School Programme (Ready for School)
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Such an amazing centre - wonderful caring teachers

Such an amazing centre - wonderful caring teachers

Our kids Kayne (6yo) and Eva (2.5yo) have been with Superstart for 3 years. Teachers are doing such a great job in educating and looking after the kids as me and my husband go to our respective jobs. It gives me a big relief as we hand our children to Superstart as we feel that kids are at safe hands of the teachers and staff. Teachers are very friendly as they create awesome charisma with kids and have good relationship with parents. They keep continuing to stimulate and nurture kid's knowledge and wellbeing. Overall Superstart has saved our busy life, as we both working full time. 30 hours free scheme was really helpful and give us flexibility in hours. Julianne

Superb service. The teachers are very caring and patient. The facilities and the environment are clean and well looked after. Flexible hours. I am also very impressed with the getting ready for school programme. It's a fun, caring, safe and excellent learning facility for young children. Thank you very much for an excellent service. Daisy.

Superstart Preschool has changed my daughters life, attitude and learning! From the time she started, I have watched her grow and learn but more important Superstart has helped her grow into the beautiful intelligent little girl that she has become. With the interactive and one on one's with the teachers she has developed excellent motor skills and communication! Superstart Preschool is the best part that has been played amongst our little one. Simmone.

It is a very good teaching environment place. Nice and very kind - teachers and staff. Multi-culture teaching background and all kinds of playing equipment that can develop kid's intelligence and growing up. Sophia.

Krysten has a great time in Superstart. She builds up confidence at Superstart and learn about wide range of subjects from ABC, counting nature, songs, manners.... too many to name. Wynne.

I have a son with Cystic Fibrosis, so deciding on where & when to send him to preschool was a nerve-wracking experience for me, and something that wasn't taken lightly.   A neighbour was talking about where she was putting her boys, so I decided to check it out too and was very impressed.  The facility was great - the stand out points for me were the staff, the cleanliness, health & safety policy the environment etc.  but most of all, their understanding of my needs for my son. The Starship CF nurse came to visit the complex and had a meeting with the staff regarding my son's medical condition and any concerns we and they may have had.  They were 100% committed to him and I can never thank them enough.  My son left in September 2011 to start school.  Before he left, we had a disco to raise money for CF which was fantastic with just under $2000 being raised. Thank you so much Lynn and your amazing staff - I am just lucky I still have another child there so I still see you all every day :-)

Hi Lyn, Firstly I want to commend your wonderful staff for the great work they have done with my daughter. She is just on her 2nd week at the centre and although she has been having her moments on drop-off in the morning (as kids do) the staff have been excellent and have always made me feel at ease leaving her in the mornings knowing that she will be fine I am so happy that she has this opportunity so thank you very much. I wanted to post this on the website but unfortunately it has been taken down for maintenance. Regards, Rosita

I have a child attending for the past 3 years and am so pleased with the environment and most of all staff...friendly and easy going teachers and caring too.. Superstart is the best start for a childs future...thank you Superstart...you guys are the best...