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Delicious food, great service

Not only is this place my local, but the food is super delicious, generous and affordable!  The best part of this restaurant is the owner, she is super friendly, bubbly and will always recommend some delicious dishes.

There are quite a few food places that have opened up in Highland Park village in the last year or so, and Sura remains competitive with its low prices and reasonably good food.  I first came here upon a recommendation from a friend. The decor is plain, but there are plenty of tables and seats available despite being a small restaurant. The menu price range is around the $10 mark, and I chose the spicy beef dish with noodles. Food arrived in a timely manner and was of decent portion size, and I was also served some condiments like the spicy kimchi and other picked vegetables.  Service here is great, as the staff are attentive. There is room for improvement however- the table I was at was a little sticky, which I didn't mind too much but would put other customers off. I'd return again as the food here is good. 

The decors not flash but the food is good and spicy. Most  meals come with rice, veges and Miso soup so very satisfying  Good Value that's hard to find elsewhere Recommend the sizzling beef $11 and the deep fried vegetable $8 for entree