Here at Sushi Factory we provide a wide range of Sushi and japanese hot dishes also. We have been here for over ten years and provide Japanese with a difference in that sushi gets sent around a conveyor belt in the middle of the store for you to choose from. The prices are affordable and are done according to the plate that the sushi is on.As well as this we also have a menu you can make orders off for either a particular sushi you feel like or a hot meal. Come in to be served by our friendly staff today!

Products and specialities

Wide range of chicken and seafood sushi.
Hot dishes also available including bento boxes, donburi, tempura and sashimi.


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All dishes are in reasonable price. And fresh made daily! If you are looking for something for lunch? Try the lunch noodle/rice menu!

Sushi Factory is well-known for it's sushi train. Who doesn't like watching sushi go around a conveyor belt while thinking about which piece to devour next? The avocado sushi is really tasty, they use some kind of mayo on the inside and it is yum, yum, yum. The wider menu is worth a look too - with delicious udon noodle soups catering to all tastes. A tip if you're using the conveyor belt - make sure you take note of the colour of the plates and add up the bill in your head. The conveyor belt has been knowing to put those thinking with their eyes not their tummies in a trance - it's easy to rack up a hefty bill after getting carried away with the thrill of it all. But if you have got room in your tum and some money to spare, some green tea icecream will go down a treat.